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  • This view service allows, by means of a formatted URL, to display the address points of the region Brussels, included in the BeSt Address dataset, the authentic source for the Brussels Region.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : WMS BruGIS for INSPIRE data

  • Ce jeu de donnée géolocalise les clés des carrefours gérés par Bruxelles Mobilité. Outre les clés des carrefours, sont également repris les panneaux zone 30 variable, les afficheurs de vitesse et certaines points de comptage sur voiries régionales. Le point géolocalisé est généralement celui de l'armoire où se trouve le contrôleur. Un contrôleur commande les feux d'un ou de plusieurs carrefours..

  • Brussels-Capital Region : SA entity corresponds to the axes of street sections of the Region of Brussels-Capital

  • Brussels-Capital Region : Entity Address Point (ADPT) is the location of the address points of the Brussels-Capital.

  • The UrbIS - Topo product is a catalogue of topographic geospatial vector data that contains geometric data, mainly lines, symbols and text. The product offers a digital representation of reality on a large scale through layers grouped by themes (e.g., buildings, roads, green spaces, etc.) and which can contain up to several tens of thousands of elements. The dataset is freely downloadable as a zipped file.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : "any particularly remarquable building, including installations or decorative elements being a constitutive part of it" having been the subject of a decree for its conservation

  • Brussels-Capital Region : toponymy public spaces is the name of : - Highways; - Areas of water; - Green areas; - Cemeteries.

  • This download service provides donwload access per object to the authentic source for addresses in the Brussels Region, the BeSt Address dataset.