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  • Section of the municipality's territory with a particular use of the land, as stipulated by graphical and written regulations, authorised by decree

  • This service allows downloading UrbIS datasets.

  • This service allows to download datasets of STIB-MIVB harmonized according to INSPIRE

  • Discovery Service (CSW) of the Geographic Metadata Catalogue for the Brussels Capital region

  • Brussels-Capital Region : In order to help the inhabitants of Brussels to raise fruits and vegetables, the institution 'Bruxelles Environnement - Brussel Leefmilieu' set up since 2011, the kitchen garden's network. Professionals coordinate the network with over 80 members. Together they share their passion and know-how on kitchen gardens.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : Gml file containing protected sites

  • Brussels-Capital Region : "any particularly remarquable building, including installations or decorative elements being a constitutive part of it" having been the subject of a decree for its conservation

  • Brussels-Capital Region: typology and codification of all the Unitarian Blue Objects (OBU) - rivers, channel and ponds - of the Brussels Region. We also have the name of the object, the municipality in which it is situated as well as for the rivers, their characteristics (open-air, pertuis)