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  • Brussels-Capital Region : The street ends are located along the public roads. The entity "Streetside" (or street) is shown with a line and a centroid (point near the line). They are drawn on the interface between two pieces of street or at the interface between a piece of street and a block. The street sides connected with galleries and local roads are exceptions to this rule. They are drawn along pieces galleries and local roads. Within the blocks The road sides are complemented by two short line segments at their ends (= geographical entity "SILIMIT" without any alphanumeric information). These lines are directed towards the inside of the housing blocks. The centroids of the street sides are drawn within the blocks, at the center of it. They serve as a focal point for the text of the address ranges.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : toponymy public spaces is the name of : - Highways; - Areas of water; - Green areas; - Cemeteries.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : entity "rail line" is the track layout railway or tramway. The distinction between rail railway and tramway track is included in the same name of the entity (RW = TW = Railway and Tramway). A concept level is also specified in the name of the entity (ground level = 0, M = P = lower level and upper level)

  • Brussels-Capital Region : the entity "Tube Block" (or metro area) identifies rights-ground tunnels and aerial parts (including stations) metro and pre-metro/tram.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : the entity "Rail Block" (railway area) identifies portions of the territory occupied by the railway. These surfaces not lines representing the rails. There are: 1. areas of railway located at [0] (ie ground level "natural", abbreviated RB-0): - Areas in a physical island - Crossing 2. areas of railway located at [-] (ie ground level, abbreviated RB-M): - Parts of railway under a road (invisible from the sky) - tunnels 3. zones thereof located at [+] (ie higher level short RB-P): - Parts of railway over a road or a river (visible from the air) The contours of the airspaces of the railway were built from the topographic map UrbIS-Topo (photogrammetric surveys). The tunnels were designed based on drawings provided by SNCB.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : entity PW is the database reference name and official codification of public roads within the territory of the Brussels-Capital

  • Brussels-Capital Belgium is a federal state composed of three regions: the Walloon Region, the Flemish Region and the Brussels Region. The object "Brussels-Capital Region" represents the limit of the Brussels Region.

  • Brussels-Capital Region: This service allows downloading the spatial datasets of Brussels Environment (both non-INSPIRE datasets and non-compliant INSPIRE datasets).

  • Brussels-Capital Region : The entity "Side Walk" (or sidewalk) is the delimitation of roadsides. these areas (polygons) cover raised in the public domain and physical islets parties. Where sidewalks do not exist, the contours correspond to the limit of the physical island. The sidewalks were designed based on the topographic map UrbIS-Topo (raised Photogrammetric and topographic).