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  • Brussels-Capital Region : Location of open rivers bed in the Brussels region. Includes additional information : the name and type (channel, ditch, ...) of hydrological segment.

  • Brussels-Capital Region: typology and codification of all the Unitarian Blue Objects (OBU) - rivers, channel and ponds - of the Brussels Region. We also have the name of the object, the municipality in which it is situated as well as for the rivers, their characteristics (open-air, pertuis)

  • Brussels-Capital Region: extent of sub-drainage-basin (or sub-catchment area) of the rivers in the Brussels Region and surrounding area

  • Brussels-Capital Region: The geotechnical maps of Brussels were elaborated by J.P. Dam, under the direction of prof. J. Nuyens, V. Roisin and R. Thonnard of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) and of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB), members of the Centre Interuniversitaire pour la Cartographie Géotechnique directed by J. Nuyens (ULB). They were then published at a scale of 1/5000 between 1976 and 1990 by the ‘Institut Géotechnique de l’Etat’ (State Geotechnical Institute). The constituent documents (maps and associated reports) provide an overview of the following points: - tests carried out in the region ; - depth of the water table ; - nature and position of the tertiary substratum ; - nature and strength of the various surface layers; - units with a specific overlay of the formations encountered. Their initial objective was to respond to the needs of the builders for synthetic and easily accessible documentation relating to the subsoil of the Brussels region. The plates and documents provided did not claim absolute precision because of the interpolations and extrapolations necessary for their establishment. The present archive is presented in three forms: - Digitized maps and associated FR/NL explanatory notes .pdf ; - Georeferenced 'raster' maps (lambert 72); - Vector' maps (lambert 72). List of available maps: 31.2.4; 31.2.6; 31.2.8; 31.3.1; 31.3.2; 31.3.3; 31.3.4; 31.3.5; 31.3.6; 31.3.7; 31.3.8; 31.4.7; 31.7.1; 31.7.2; 31.7.3.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : data on the 3 Surface Water Bodies of the Area of Brussels, defined under the Directive and the Ordinance Water : code European, code of Brussels and name of the water mass, hydrographic district.

  • Brussels-Capital Region: Dataset including the watercourse network, drainage bassin and surface waters of the Brussels capital Region. The dataset is presented as a GML compliant with the requirements of the European INSPIRE directive.