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  • The "UrbIS - DSM" (Digital Surface Model) product is a raster image capturing all the objects (natural or built) on the surface of the earth. The dataset is freely downloadable as a zipped file.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : this directive has as an aim the prevention of the major accidents implying of dangerous substances and the limitation of their consequences for the man and the environment, in order to ensure in a coherent and effective way in all the country of the high levels of protection. The geographical data file SEVESO consists of several classes of objects which make it possible to locate all the SEVESO sites on the territory of the area of Brussels.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : location of Brussels drinking water catchment drainage gallery operated by VIVAQUA. Each section of the drainage gallery is named. Classified as protection area 1 of water extraction (with the extraction wells).

  • Brussels-Capital Region: localization of the extraction wells for drinking water in Brussels, run by VIVAQUA. Ranked as protected area 1 of the water extractions (with the drainage gallery)