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  • Brussels-Capital Region :

  • Brussels-Capital Region : This flood hazard map identifies areas where flooding could occur due to stream overflow, runoff from rainwater, overflowing sewers or a temporary rise in the water table, even in places where no flooding has been observed until now. The absence of a flood hazard zone on the map does not guarantee that flooding will never occur as it does not take into account certain causes of flooding such as a local failure of the sewage network, etc. Please note that these maps have no regulatory value, they have been produced in accordance with the European Directive 2007/60/EC to determine the prevention and protection measures. The maximum scale is 1/10.000 as the modelled data are not representative on a larger scale.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : This map depicts elements exposed to potential flooding.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : location of the different surface water quality monitoring sites under the Water Framework Ordonnance and Directive. Surface waters concerned are surface water bodies: Canal, Senne and Woluwe. Monitoring involves a series of chemical, physico-chemical parameters... The code and the name of the monitoring site are given.