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  • The general objective of this study was to have a more in-depth knowledge of the reality of Fair Trade in the Brussels-Capital Region.

  • The objective of this report is to conduct a study and evaluation of the state of discrimination in the Brussels labor market through the principle of situation testing.

  • The study concerns an evaluation of employment support in the context of the 2030 Strategy Go4Brussels, specifically objective 2.2, "Ensuring access to stable and sustainable employment for everyone," which considers this evaluation as a general objective. Ultimately, the aim of this evaluation is to achieve a greater impact on the inclusion of job seekers through employment support.

  • This report contains 38 recommendations that will go beyond the accessibility standards (WCAG 2.1 AA) to make online public services inclusive for all citizens. In addition to these recommendations, the second part of this report presents a framework for IT developers, listing the technical criteria for applying these recommendations

  • Description of the pedagogical, social and technical skills of a digital inclusion facilitator, based on the DIGCOMP framework, and an example of questions to ask in a job interview.

  • This study should make it possible to meet various objectives:  To analyse changes in the use of the 22 EPNs that have been labelled since 2019: to identify who is digital divide and who goes to EPNs; thanks to other studies and barometers and barometers, identify which individuals and which groups of individuals do not go.  Analyse the attractiveness and popularity of DPS  Evaluate a communication campaign conducted from April-May 2021 to increase the visibility of DPS to the general public. visibility of DPS to the general public  Improve or readapt certain actions of the Digital Appropriation Plan (DAP)

  • The study details the steps leading to the creation of a DPS: identification of the target public, development of the offer, opening hours, hardware and software, personnel, sources of funding and communication