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  • Brussels-Capital Region : This map shows the Health Impact Screening score for heat stress (0-8) in the Brussels Capital Region. It was produced as part of the 2020 study on the "Impact of 'Nature-Based Solutions' (NBS) on urban residents' exposure to air pollution, noise pollution or high temperatures - Overview of general knowledge and recommendations for the Brussels-Capital Region". This map is based on the maximum Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) map of 24 August 2016. For the methodology used, see p.48. The study report (in dutch) is available at

  • Brussels-Capital Region : The entity "Side Walk" (or sidewalk) is the delimitation of roadsides. these areas (polygons) cover raised in the public domain and physical islets parties. Where sidewalks do not exist, the contours correspond to the limit of the physical island. The sidewalks were designed based on the topographic map UrbIS-Topo (raised Photogrammetric and topographic).

  • Brussels-Capital Region : Mapping of urban cool / heat islands in the Brussels-Capital Region carried out in 2018. This heat stress simulation is based on the modelling of the average "Wet Bulb Globe Temperature" over 24 hours which takes into account the air temperature but also the exposure to solar radiation, wind and air humidity for a typical hot summer day (i.e. 24 August 2016). The study report (in Dutch) is available at See also the focus on this subject on (in French) or (in Dutch)