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  • Brussels-Capital Region: 2019 cadastral parcels reworked to match the soil state register

  • Brussels-Capital Region: Sensitivity classes applicable to the soil state registry, defined according to the regional land use plan (2017) and according to the correspondence established in the decree of 29 March 2018. Soil pollution response standards are derived from this. The sensitivity class is to be adapted to 'special area' if the site under study is in a Natura 2000 area or in a drinking water catchment protection area. The dataset specifies whether the site is yes (t=true) or no (f=false) in such an area. There are 6 different sensitivity classes: (1) residential, (2) particular, (3) industrial, (4) ZFM and ZEMU, (5) ZIR, ZIRAD and RF, (6) other.

  • Brussels-Capital Region: The map of soil state includes all land parcels for which Brussels Environment has verified information related to soil quality. Each parcel registered in the inventory falls into a category that reflects a presumption of pollution and the possible studies and treatment of soil pollution that have been carried out there. The data are updated daily.