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  • The UrbIS - Adresses product corresponds to the dataset of Brussels addresses that complies to Brussels technical specifications. This dataset is thus not compliant with BeSt specification and cannot be used by any federal or regional authorities that have to use BeSt compliant dataset. This dataset can be downloaded as a zipped file or with the ad hoc WFS.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : Brussels-Capital statistical areas are grouped to form the districts of monitoring. Monitoring the neighborhood is an urban observation tool to help track and understand the evolution of Brussels districts in different aspects (demographic, social, health, economy, housing, mobility, quality of life, participation, ... ) to improve the efficiency of urban policy and help guide public and private investment in urban renewal ...

  • Brussels-Capital Region : The road network in the Brussels-Capital Region is divided in regional (generally the most structuring traffic axes) and municipal (generally roads of local character) roads. Approximately 20% of the road network is managed by the region.

  • Web Map Service for the INSPIRE datasets of Paradigm