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  • This dataset corresponds to the macrozone dataset, i.e. the highest-level statistical partition of the Brussels-Capital Region (the Region is divided into 17 macrozones).

  • Brussels-Capital Region : Brussels-Capital statistical areas are grouped to form the districts of monitoring. Monitoring the neighborhood is an urban observation tool to help track and understand the evolution of Brussels districts in different aspects (demographic, social, health, economy, housing, mobility, quality of life, participation, ... ) to improve the efficiency of urban policy and help guide public and private investment in urban renewal ...

  • UrbIS - Administrative Units is the Brussels Region administrative and statistical units dataset. This dataset is made up of six different geometric classes. The first class is the territory of the Brussels Region. The second is the territory of the nineteen municipalities that make up the Region, the third is the six police zones in the Region, the fourth is the monitoring districts, the fifth is the statistical sectors. The dataset is freely downloadable as a zipped shapefile. The dataset is produced by integrating data from FPS Finance and FPS Economy. Their respective licences apply to the classes deriving from them.

  • Web Map Service for the INSPIRE datasets of Paradigm