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  • Brussels-Capital Region : toponymy public spaces is the name of : - Highways; - Areas of water; - Green areas; - Cemeteries.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : The Digital Terrain Model (DTM) describes the three-dimensional shape of the surface of the Earth (topography of the surface). The Digital Terrain Model (DTM) is available in three different representations: - Elevation - vector elements; - Elevation - Grid; - Elevation - TIN.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : location of the different groundwater level monitoring sites (or piezometric sites) managed by Brussels Environment (IBGE-BIM) under the surveillance monitoring of the groundwater status in accordance with the Ordonnance and the Water Framework Directive. Indication of the analyzed water body, the European Code and the Brussels code of the monitoring site.

  • Brussels-Capital Region: Route of the Royal Parks Walk, made up of a base loop of 2,8km and two extensions of 1,7km to the Square du 21 juillet and 1,3km to the Chinese Pavilion. The Walk is a bond between several green areas created by the King Leopold II.

  • Brussels-Capital Region : land cover refers to the physical and biological cover of the earth's surface, including artificial surfaces, agricultural areas, forests, semi-natural areas, wetlands, water bodies. The entity "Green Block" (or green area) identifies the footprint of vegetated amenity areas(lawn, trees, possibly planted with flowers and ornamental trees and bushes, and often lined ponds and paths). Green areas have been designed on the basis of various plans (photogrammetric surveys, detailed maps, maps of towns, ...). They have a heterogeneous precision because of the diversity of origin. The entity "Green Block" (or green area) is represented using three different types: - GB-A: grassed (some grassy berm plants or trees) bands; - GB-B: parks (water parks located in these areas are not excluded); - GB-F: forests or wood (islets of the Soignes Forest located in the Brussels Region). The entity "Water Block" (or water area) locates and identifies various water bodies in the territory of the Brussels-Capital Region (channel, ponds, Senne river, ...). We distinguish : 1. water areas located at [0] which are visible from the air (abbreviated WB-0); 2. water areas (for the channel) located at [-] on the road (invisible from the sky) (abbreviated WB-M).

  • Brussels-Capital Region : SA entity corresponds to the axes of street sections of the Region of Brussels-Capital

  • Brussels-Capital Belgium is a federal state composed of three regions: the Walloon Region, the Flemish Region and the Brussels Region. The object "Brussels-Capital Region" represents the limit of the Brussels Region. The municipality is the smallest administrative division of the territory of the Federal Belgium. The Brussels Region is composed of nineteen municipalities.

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